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body painting colour 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

看不出的人体彩绘 翻译为: Can not see the body painting

那首歌NBA总放的插曲名字就是right now NBA中经过合成了 THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS ---Right Now 在酷狗播放器里搜吧,有好几个版本呢,都能搜到,肯定能搜到你要的那首。 我想酷狗里这首:right now—na na na 女声,应该是你要的。

Somebody That I Used to Know 这个这个

Who Will I Run To? - Paulini You were the one who I could tell my deepest fears And you were the one who always wiped away my tears When he hurt me you were my prince sent straight from above Like a fool I never saw you were fa...

somebody that i used to know--gyote


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