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我不明白你的意思?英语怎么说? I can't understand what you really mean I can't catch your implied meaing I can grasp your meaning accurately I can not get the point of what you said with great accuracy

sorry,I didnt get you~ what do you mean? I‘ve no idea about what you say I'm sorry,I dont understand

I see. 这是最简单的,我明白了。 I got you. 这也是最简单的,我明白你(的意思/说话的要点了)。 千万不要说I understand you.这个是中国式英语。

Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say (对不起,我不明白你想说的/表达的) 或 Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying (对不起,我不明白你在说什么) 或 Sorry, I don't understand what you just said (对不起,...

i dont understand what you mean. i dont get you. i dont catch your idea.

1.Am I making sense? Do you see what I mean? 2. Does that make sense? Can you catch my idea? 3. Do I express clearly? Do you understand what I'm saying? 4. Feel free to interrupt if you understand noting. 5. Feel free to interr...

SORRY i can't understand what you just said SORRY i can't follow you

I got what you are saying 或者简单点:I got it

翻译如下: 我不明白你的话 I'm not with you. 例句: 我不明白你说的话,告诉我你是什么意思。 I'm not with you. Tell me what you mean.


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