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摄影比赛 photography competition

Photo Competition, Photo Shooting Competition都可以

Today, everybody chose me to take part in the photography competition.

cameraman 英 [ˈkæmrəmæn] 美 [ˈkæmərəˌmæn, ˈkæmrə-] n.摄影师;摄影记者 例句: I'm a journalist, and he's my cameraman, all right? 我是个记者,他是我的摄影师,行吗?...

XX集团首届摄影大赛 The XX Group's 1st Photo Contest

摄影制作 photography; [例句]集广告策划、设计、摄影、制作、印刷于一体。 It combines advertisement planning, design, photography, manufacture as well as printing together in a body.

I lively and cheerful character, be f ull of go won two prize in the campus P hotography Competition

摄影作品 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : photographic works

国际中学生摄影展 International Student Photography Exhibition photographic exhibition 摄影展 双语例句 1 A photographic exhibition opens at the Royal College of Art on Wednesday. 星期三一个摄影展在皇家艺术学院开幕。 2 Weave, cal...

婚纱摄影 [词典] wedding photo; [例句]一站式的婚礼场地,提供婚纱摄影,典礼,衣服和食物前来营救。 A one-stop wedding venue that provides wedding photography, the ceremony, dresses and food came to the rescue.


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