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我还能做什么(语气委婉)1.What else should i be 2.What else I can do 3.What more could I do 4.What can I do我还能做什么呢(语气强烈) What else can I do

“我还能做什么” What else can I do" “我还能做什么” What else can I do"

What else could I say? 用can也可以,could更口语化

What else can I do for you?我还能为你做什么 What else can I do?我还能做什么 ?

What else can I say?

I don't know whatelse i can do to let you stop thinking in that way.

What else can I do except waiting?

I can do nothing but missing you .

Can we be anything else besides friends?

besides facing you in silence, i could not figure out what else i could do.


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