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Man: This morning I’m talking with a very generous young man, Jimmy the Bike Boy. Jimmy is the boy who fixes up old bikes and gives them away. Good morning, Jimmy. 男主持:今天早上,我跟一个非常慷慨的年轻人对话。 他叫吉米,自行...

我们应该努力提高自己而不是满足于现状。 We should strive to improve ourselves rather than be satisfied with the status quo. 望采纳,谢谢

Graduates from top universities always can find favor in employees' eyes when seeking a job.

翻译这种信件让人开心!! Dear Andreas, It is my pleasure to write this letter to you. How time flies! And now summer it is. My daughter is going to stay in your home with your family for one week. I thank you with my heart. Las...

Because I think (that) they are not only good for my health, bul also tasty.(but also后不用再写一遍they are了,在英语里算重复)

a 哎 b 必 c 西 d 地 e 一 f 哎夫 g 记 h 哎去 i 哎一 j 节 k 凯 l 艾尔 m 艾姆 n 艾恩 o 哦 p 辟 q 扣 r 阿尔 s 艾斯 t 剃 u 由 v 威 w 大不留 x 艾克斯 y 外 z 贼

LANNA FOOT PATCH兰纳足贴 Rice garm oil (oryza sativa), Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Arbutin, Beet root extract (beta vulgris), Wood vinegar Powder, Bamboo vinegar power, MARL, Chitin, Vitamin C, Plant fiber, Onion powder, Dex...

In order to earn more money to subsidize home , more and more people join the limousine service during the economic depression

l Lavender essential oil to the heart have composed effect to relieve insomnia can relieve headaches palpitation eliminate toxins Respiratory purification treatment, Introduction, Respiratory system's main function is to execut...

has already arrived 楼上滚粗。


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