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宝贵的财富 英语怎么说

宝贵的财富 [网络] Valuable assets; [例句]她的领导才能是保守党最宝贵的财富。

您好,翻译为 All the things you experienced would be your precious treasure. 希望帮助你

Health is the most precious fortune in life, Health is the most valuable wealth in life.

Of all the knowledge we have, some comes from the books we read, some comes from personal experience in our lives. Different people attach different importance to different sources. The young and the educated, for example, may ...

Health is the most precious wealth of life.

the most precious wealth

All of them are precious treasure left for the world,

Time is the most precious possession of all wealth

I cherish my friendship, so it is one of my precious wealth


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