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财富 英文

riches 有钱,富有,也可以比喻为艺术丰富,土壤肥沃等. wealth 主要是指对金钱或房产的占有 treasure 指对金银珠宝的占有也比喻有价值的东西,珍爱 的东西等.美国影星 尼古拉斯·凯奇 曾经主演一部影片,名为《National Treasure》,中文名为《国家宝...

A penny saved is a penny gained. Richard Brckminster Fuller.American srchitect 省下一分钱等于得到一分钱。 美国建筑师富勒.R.B. All good things are cheap, all bad things are very dear. Henry David Thoreau, Ameican writer 一切好的...


1.fortune ( especially is money, chance or luck, fate or future) 更倾向于非物质。 2.riches (money and valuable possessions) 物质型。 3.treasure指在需要时可以动用的财产,包括国家土地、矿藏、水力等自然资源或个人的存款及其他财产。...

财富的增加 [词典] [法] accession of wealth; [例句]这背后的推动力来自人们可支配收入和财富的增加。 This is driven by increased disposable income and wealth creation.

Knowledge is wealth

The richest man Wealth list

您好,翻译为 All the things you experienced would be your precious treasure. 希望帮助你

material wealth

Wealth has been pursued by people in history all over the world. It is the foundation of culture development. Still, there are so many people call money the "devil". Every coin has two sides and we shall have a thorough underst...


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