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fit sb be suitable for

adapt to

suits sb. suitable for sb appropriate for sb This arrangement suits me 这个安排适合我。 This bookstore only sells books that are suitable for children 这书店只卖适合儿童的书本。 The teacher will assign homework at a level that ...

a big headache令人头痛的事情 2. a fraction of 一部分 3. a matter of concern 焦点 4. a series of 一系列,一连串above all 首先,尤其是 5. absent from不在,缺席 6. abundant in富于 7. account for 解释 8. accuse sb. of sth.控告 9. add ...

非常重要的 Something matters a lot to somebody Something means a lot to somebody. bears great significance be of crucial/key/desicive/great/extreme significance to somebody

in favor of back up stand by sb,支持某人 stand by one's side站在某人身边,也可以理解为支持 stand behind sb,做后援,做某人后盾 support sb.

Ⅰ. 常见的be动词短语/词组 1. be pleased to do 做……感到愉快 2. be pleased/satisfied with 对……满意 3. be excited/crazy about 对……感到兴奋 4. be surprised at 对……感到吃惊 5. be amazed at 对……感到惊讶 6. be impressed by 被……感动 7....

表示惊讶的英文dear me,意思是哇塞。 dear me 哇塞; 拓展资料双语例句 1. Outside, Bruce glanced at his watch: "Dear me, nearly oneo'clock." 出了门,布鲁斯瞥了一眼自己的手表,“天哪,快一点了。” 2. "Ooh dear me, that's a bit of a ra...

短语多属动词短语(verbal phrase) 例如get 这个动词配了不同的介词就有 get in, get on/off, get over, get through, get by 等各自意思不同 词组是连在一起有特别用法的句型, 如 so+形容词+that,as ... as 等

very suitable to something very suitable for somebody 解: “非常适合……物;东西”时,用to。而后面跟人时用for 请点采纳


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