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one day.a rabbit goes to the cinema.it waits and waits.finally,a buy come here.rabbit is very happy.it happy say:“year!I can sit a buy!”

Bill was boring one day and decided to do something interesting. As a result, he walked straight into a supermarket and stole a bottle of drink. He did this really carefully and put this bottle of drink into his pocket. To his ...

左边的意思就是不允许再次出售或者个体使用,因为联想已经注册了 右边就是说这个光盘里的驱动器是经过正规注册认证过的,仅用于出售的联想电脑,不能用于其他电脑。 大概就是这个意思,希望可以帮到你。

21题选c you做主语,A选项应该是are supposed to B选项应该是ought to这是固定搭配,所以只能选c

每当我碰到困难的时候她就会来帮助我。慢慢着似乎成了她的习惯。 She will come to help me whenever I'm in trouble.Slowly seems to be her habit. 有烦恼的时候我第一个想到的就是告诉她。 When I was annoyed, the first thought was to tel...



Hello, everyone, I'm a shy boy. i didn't used to communicate with others often. I don't speak so loud that evn I can't make myself heard. I found only a few of us like playing in PE class and most of us just sit and watch other...

1.The mouse was fritened because the cat was ready to pounce. 2.Because the snow was like powder,the skiing was excellent, 3.The bird used twigs and bits of shrow to built a nest. 4.He couldn't find his key because he was locke...



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