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有很多种说法: seems, be like, as if, as though

it seems that It seems/appears that she is my mum.她好像是我的母亲。

ssed, and probably so have you all

at the moment

what about

“地理短语”的英文翻译_百度翻译 “地理短语” Geographical phrases" 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 phrases_百度翻译 phrases n. 短语( phrase的名词复数 ); 成语; 说法; 乐句; [例句]These rules tell us how a sentence is broken down into phra...

期待英语说法1: expect 期待英语说法2: look forward to

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:词组搭配 翻译:phrases & collocations 搭配是指常用的词组搭配到一起。 Collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together 本文的研究结论为:词汇错误...

考虑 n. consideration, think v. premeditate, think over, consider, square up, think out

免费 free of charge; free of expense; for nothing; for free; no charge; without charge; without payment; on the house 他让我免费到西班牙度假,我却坐失良机。 I missed out on his offer of a free holiday in Spain. 向顾客提供免费品...


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