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您好! build set up establish found install 都有建立的意思,推荐用 establish

be based on... eg. Cooperation must be based on trust, negotiation, equality and mutual benefits. 合作必须建立在信任,协商,对等和相互利益的基础之上。

英语词组是在太多 有名词词组 table tennis 动词词组look at 介词词组in front of 形容词词组(be) tired of 副词词组here and there

你好 按照态度由强到弱 demand (that) sb (should) do sth ask sb to do sth request sb to do sth beg to do 望采纳

Eula May was Maycomb’s leading telephone operator. She was entrusted with issuingpublic announcements, wedding invitations, setting off the fire siren, and giving first-aidinstructions when Dr. Reynolds was away.

1、break down 损坏;瓦解;(组织、计划等彻底毁坏) 2、break into 闯入;强行进入 3、break off 中止;中断 4、break out 逃出;突然发生,爆发 5、bring about 导致;引起 6、bring forward 提出;提议 7、bring to 使恢复知觉 8、bring up ...

有关“花费”(金钱和时间)的有4个句型: 1)It takes sb+ 一段时间+ to do sth (做某事花费某人一段时间)(一般不和金钱连用) 2) sb spend + 时间或金钱 + on sth/(in) doing sth (某人在某事/某物/做某事方面花费时间/金钱)(解释:这个句型...

英语短语要慢慢积累的,以下是本人积累的,看看有没有对你有帮助: 1. at the thought of一想到… 2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论 3. at will 随心所欲 4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有 5. access(t...


短语,很多。 例如 动词短语 break up break down break out break off 名词短语 notes to the text solution to a problem answer to a question 形容词短语 be glad to be afraid of be satisfied with be worried about


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