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您好! build set up establish found install 都有建立的意思,推荐用 establish

be based on... eg. Cooperation must be based on trust, negotiation, equality and mutual benefits. 合作必须建立在信任,协商,对等和相互利益的基础之上。

你好 按照态度由强到弱 demand (that) sb (should) do sth ask sb to do sth request sb to do sth beg to do 望采纳

1、therefore 意为“因此,所以”,是副词,可放在句首,句中。一般是推断得到的必然结果。例如:I was ill,and therefore could not come. 2、consequently 意为“因此,所以,终于”,也是副词,放句首的话后面要加个逗号。一般表示符合逻辑得到的...

Eula May was Maycomb’s leading telephone operator. She was entrusted with issuingpublic announcements, wedding invitations, setting off the fire siren, and giving first-aidinstructions when Dr. Reynolds was away.

有关“花费”(金钱和时间)的有4个句型: 1)It takes sb+ 一段时间+ to do sth (做某事花费某人一段时间)(一般不和金钱连用) 2) sb spend + 时间或金钱 + on sth/(in) doing sth (某人在某事/某物/做某事方面花费时间/金钱)(解释:这个句型...


yellow dog n. 不参加或不协助工会的工人;卑鄙的人a black sheep 败类,害群之马;败家子

下面这些都很常见: due to owing to thanks to because of as a result of on account of 祝你开心如意!

I have demonstrated/shown that ... (Example: I have shown here just a few examples of the process.) This shows how ... (Example: This shows how it works.) So it would appear that ... (Example: So it would appear that the condit...


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