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通常会说"almost there. "我是英语系的,相信我

春节快到了 The Spring Festival is coming. The Spring Festival is around the corner

I wil arrive at here soon. 请采纳一下

快来 [动] come quick; [例句]快来!约翰!卡梅拉出事了,我想她用药过量了。 Quick! John! It's Carmela. I think she's taken an overdose 哎呀,你快来瞧瞧那个标本! Good gracious, look at that specimen will you? 据说大雪快来了,我们...


你好! 时间快到了,还需要呆一个小时嘛 Time is running out, you also need to stay for an hour

快点用英文表示为Hurry up,come on。 Hurry up 1、Franklin told Howe to hurry up and take his bath; otherwise, they'd miss their train 富兰克林告诉豪赶快去洗澡;否则他们会赶不上火车。 2、Petter saw no reason to hurry the divorce ...

The weekend is going to come. The weekend is coming. The weekend draws near.

快去吧,快去吧 Go ahead, go ahead.

有两种说法都可以: 1. date from 起源自(这种说法仅仅表明过去的状态,不一定表明现在还有) 如:The Mid-Autumn Festival dates from the Zhou Dynasty. 中秋节自周朝就有了。 2. date back to 可以追溯到(这种说法适用于现在还存在的事物,...


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