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通常会说"almost there. "我是英语系的,相信我

时间快到了" "Time is up" 英 [ʌp] 美 [ʌp] adv. 在上面,在高处; 起床,起来; 向上; 由低到高; adj. 向上的; 上升的; 竖立的,垂直的; 举起的; vt.& vi. 增加; 加速; 提高; 举起,拿起; prep. 在…的上端; 向高处; 沿…而去; 向…上游; ...

楼主好, The vocation is drawing near. 假期快到了. 希望对你有帮助^^

I wil arrive at here soon. 请采纳一下

你好! 时间快到了,还需要呆一个小时嘛 Time is running out, you also need to stay for an hour

快来 [动] come quick; [例句]快来!约翰!卡梅拉出事了,我想她用药过量了。 Quick! John! It's Carmela. I think she's taken an overdose 哎呀,你快来瞧瞧那个标本! Good gracious, look at that specimen will you? 据说大雪快来了,我们...

春节快到了 The Spring Festival is coming. The Spring Festival is around the corner

尽快地 [词典] as early as possible; as quickly as possible; against time; [例句]他尽快地把船划到岸边。 He rowed as quickly as he could to the shore

我们快到家了。We will get home soon。.或We're almost home. 我马上就到了。I'll be right there.很标准的说法,很高兴能帮到你。

The weekend is going to come. The weekend is coming. The weekend draws near.


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