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米修 Michel

米修 Michel

I miss you 呗! 这一刻是我给你最后的机会 用不着对我又吼又乱叫 我一定对你是真心真意 这你不用来质疑 你的背叛已经伤了我太深 不知是否应不应该太认真 也许你以后会改变自己 但我已决定必须离开你 I miss you i miss you I miss you everyday...

经常 基本翻译 often constantly frequently everyday regularly


这我不知道, 但我可以给楼主你推荐一首:temptation 应该不会比你的那首差吧~O(∩_∩)O~

你好! 盲打 Blind to play

This song goes out to all those special people in my heart. But that one person that matters the most, you know who you are. Doesn't matter for now, doesn't matter later. All I gotta do is make that call. Turn around, there you...

Quorra's chord. 心弦 Sakitama失夜To run away、 / 逃跑、 Tearsゆ流泪Nowhere to place youth. 无处安放的年华 Return。归来Review旧爱Facebeside≈ 艳阳天 Incomparable love. 无与伦比的爱 |▍ Gentle 温柔 _ Looking for love 寻找爱 Raging...


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