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◆Where are you? I'm worried almost what to died!

翻译:Where are you? I'll go there to meet you.

我在这里,你在哪里? I'm here, where are you?

My home is where you are. 为什么我感觉前面那几个回答是中式英语苞_→

无论你在哪里 无论你在做什么,只要我需要你, 可以译成: 1 Only if I need you, no matter where you are ,and no matter what you are doing.

I waited for you for a century, and where you are?

我爱的人你在哪里?我在找你。 Where are you, my love? I am looking for you. 或 Where are you my beloved? I am looking for you. love = beloved, 都指“所爱的人” look for - 寻找

Why the whole world is stuffed with you?while where are you?Hou many you will i meet before i forget you? 希望可以帮到你哦~

Joe, wherever you are , i love you forever, please trust me

不论你在哪里,你都是我的闺蜜。不论岁月怎样变迁,你都是我人生中最美的风景。 英文:No matter where you are, you are my girl friend. No matter how the years change, you are the most beautiful scenery in my life。


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