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排队 英文

首先,我们可以用“stand in line”来表示。 另外我们也可以用“wait in line”来表示。 虽然和前者意思差不多,不过这里只不过它更强调等候,比如说:I ...

排队到。。。例句用英语怎么说,比如我等了又等,终于排到我了: 排队到.. Got to the end of the queue . 我等了又等,终于排到我了: I have been queuing for a long time, and got there finally. 或倒装: I finally got there after queuing ...

排队等候,英语是:wait in line。 解释: wait in line 英[weit in lain] 美[wet ɪn laɪn] [词典] 排队等候; [例句]It's a place where data can wait in line for service from your CPU. 它是数据为来自你的处理器的服务能在线中等...

jump the queue v.插队, queue up v.排队等候

排队 stand(wait) in line/queue on a queue/ standing in line Ge in line 或Stand in line

How many people are queuing in front of me


Please wait in line/queue.

我听着老师讲课 I listen to the teacher. 我听着老师讲课 I listen to the teacher.


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