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加上经历就好些。 The experience of having been a doctor is the valuable fortune of my life! 你用的fortune比较好,因为还有幸运的意思; 你翻译的,也非常好!

您辛苦了,感谢您对我的教育,它们将作为一笔宝贵的财富在我以后的人生道路中。老师,谢谢您 意思:You work hard, thank you for my education, they will serve as a valuable asset in my life after the road. Teacher, thank you

不要轻易评价我 ,因为你没有经历过我的人生 。 Please don't evaluate me easily, because you did not experience my life.

The most important happiness of a life is that there is someone that cares about you. The most happiest thing is that someone who keeps you in mind. I truly wish you would be healthy and happy.

Life is a process of constant struggle, at each stage, all of us should give oneself an aim, strive for the realization of their goals, perseverance. When implemented a target, we don't stop, content with the status quo, but sh...

人生一直在不断经历成长,一直在继续做坚强的自己……人生只有经历过后才懂得 Life has been in continuous development, has been to continue to be strong...... Life is only through experience

生活总是磕磕碰碰,人生不是一帆风顺的 : Life is full of challenges, and it is never a smooth ride. 生活总是磕磕碰碰 :Life is full of challenges 人生不是一帆风顺的 :It is never a smooth ride 采取意译,因为我觉得那样可以把原句...

你好! 因为她对我人生影响很大 Because she had a great influence on my life

I have touched a low point in my life. I have reached the depth of despair in my life. 是两句常见的形容这个状况的句子。 地道、标准。

我的人生,是为了成全你的人生的完整 My life, it is to fulfill your life complete


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