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恳求给予的英语表达方式: We/I would be much obliged to you if you could give us/me ....【汉语意思是:若您能给予我们(我)...,我们(我)将不胜感激】 另一表达:It would be highly appreciated if you could give us/me .... 其中: ...

ask for 英[ɑ:sk fɔ:]美[æsk fɔr] 释义 请求…; 要求…; 找…; 自找麻烦 例句 Student leaders appeared on television to ask for calm. 学生领袖出现在电视上请求大家保持冷静。

你好,很高兴为你解答 请求[qǐng qiú] request; ask; demand; beg; ask for 双语例句 1 他应我的请求而来。 He came at my request. 2 假如你向他请求,他会帮助你。 If you ask him, he will help you. 3 我请求允许我离开。 I begged to be al...

implore 及物动词 vt. 1.恳求,乞求,哀求[O2] The prisoner implored the king for mercy. 囚犯恳求国王开恩。 I implore you to go now. 我恳求你现在就去。 不及物动词 vi. 1.恳求,乞求,哀求[(+for)] plead 及物动词 vt. 1.【律】为(案件)辩护;...

I beg you口语用语 I implore you正式用语

7.had a visit surviving 8.driving out so far

补充: Do you mind... ? You'd better...

call on sb to do sth 或 appeal to sb to do sth

1.a dress 2.they-them 3.to-for 4.is often 5.paint-painting 6.aren't-isn't 7.late-after 8.swim-swimming

76.on改为in 77.back去掉 78.正确 79.missed改为missing 80.anyone改为someone 81.a改为an 82.surprised改为 was surprised 83.正确 84.cars改为car 85.lent改为borrowed 他们79都没改出来,应该改为missing


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