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The worst weather I experienced the worst weather on last Friday. On that day, it rained heavily. I can't go home because of the heavy rain. It's the worst weather I've experienced

it is. seven years ago.i.was five years old.i could a toy. i couldn't a plane.i didn't have a car.now i am happy.i can swim.i am can't fly

China is a very big country with five thousand years history , 中国是一个有五千年历史的大国 It stands in Asia and lies on the west coast of the ocean. 地处亚洲,位于大洋西岸 China covers 9,600,000square kilometers. 面积达960万平...

Dear John,How's it going ? I'm very glad to hear from you . You say you want to learn some customs and manners about being a guest in a Chinese family. Now let me tell you something .People greet each other when they meet for t...

es ,so I join them.We play

先用汉语编个小作文 再把这些句子中比较合适本文的句子加入到小作文中 再翻译成英文


挑战自我的英语短文 Challenge yourself As we all know, life is full of challenges. Challenge to get into a good school, good college, good job, good position, everything. Some of them are long term, and are generally resolved as...

让天下,没有难做的生意 1、教你如何寻找到最给力的一手高利润货源,让你摆脱微信里面很多手低利润货源。 2、引流篇,教你如何让你的意向客户主动找到你,让你的精准粉丝主动加你为好友,每天增加50-500精准粉丝好友 3、朋友圈的打造,教你打造...


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