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make sth. a reality. They are trying their best to make the dream a reality. 他们正努力使梦想变成现实。

reality is reality.

change...into 把......变成 例句 1.Please change Chinese into English. 请把汉语转换成英语。 2.Can you change U. S. dollars into Euros? 您能将美元兑换成欧元吗?

每晚都被梦吓醒,我害怕黑夜,害怕梦成为现实,害怕失去. Every night was dreamed of, I was afraid of the night, fear the dream to become a reality, fear of losing.

唔?不能体会到你问题的点在那里啵 是要“成为”这个词各种的英语翻译?! 1.(长大后)成为:be 例:I want to be a doctor. 我想当一名医生。 2.变为,成为:become 例:I will become your coach. 我会成为你的教练。 3.使变成,成为:turn into ...

Let me think about it. 考虑:think about

翻译 我正在努力变成自己喜欢的那个自己 正宗英语怎么说 I am trying hard to chang into what I want to become with great admiration . I am trying everything possible to turn into the person who is liked by myself. I am doing my bes...

to make sth. a reality, 在英文里通常表达:成为现实。 所以,你所给的句子,翻译成中文就是: 网络使人们得到科研成果/结果成为一种现实。 或者意译:网络能使科研结果/成果得到广泛的传播。

我在努力,努力让自己成为配的上你的人………… I'm learning hard in order to improve my English. I am working hard, working hard to be worthy of you.

Let's (take) exercise together for good health / for a strong/good body. Let's (take) exercise together to have good health/ to have a strong/good body.


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