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文件上传者 下面这几种表达方式都是可以的: File upload The file upload Upload file Upload files File uploads

uploader 是有这个词的, 应该是新词。从杂志Business Wire | March 19, 2009上就有文章Photobucket Teams with Ontela for Mobile Uploader Service.具体可以查看http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-195924740.html

Thank you very much for uploading these files

document n.公文, 文件, 文档, 档案, 文献 v.证明 file n.文件, 档案, 文件夹, 卷宗, 锉刀 vt.把...归档, 提出(申请等), 锉, 琢磨 vi.列队行进, 用锉刀锉 paper n.纸, 报纸, 文件, 证件, 论文, 考卷 vt.用纸糊(墙壁等), 用纸包装 adj.纸的, 象纸...


1. Send out the documents as soon as possible, please. 2. I have typed all the documents, 12 in all, and I will send them out tomorrow morning. 3. If you receive the email we sent, reply us with a call / an email / a message. 4...

electronic document

共享文件 [词典][计] shared file; [例句]服务允许此计算机与其他计算机共享文件、打印机和其他资源。 A service enables this computer to share files, printers, and other resources with other computers.

压缩文件 compressed files 从 下载 部分,您可以下载一个包括以下文件的压缩文件。 From the Download section, you can download a compressed file consisting of the following files.



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