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i think that pen is mine

This is not my pen


The pen is mine. I own this pen. The pen belongs to me.

我刚才在找我的钢笔,然后我找到了它 英语翻译: I was looking for my pen, and I found it.

亲,我的笔不见了,我到处都找不到它。翻译英文为(My pen is gone, I can't find it anywhere)!希望能帮你!

the author thought, The author's idea is that... In author's opinion As far as the author concernd... 如果想了解更多英语学习信息和资料,也可以去百度搜索《新东方英语论坛》看看。

First I need a blackboard and a pen, then you can write 100 random numbers on it , I will observe the numbers

英文都不要逐字直译 i spell your name earnestly and carefully

where is my pen and Panic


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