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无论你去哪里,我就在那儿。Wherever you go ,I will be there. 喜欢的话可以去听听“What are words”里边有这句歌词。希望采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

我的:my 裙子:(短裙)skirt (连衣裙)dress 在哪里:这属于特殊疑问句,用where提问,where is(一条裙子)/are(多条裙子) 连起来就是:Where is(are)my skirt(s)/dress(es)? 希望您满意

你提问就提问,这么激动干什么?那么多感叹号! 我在干什么?what am I doing? They're my glasses. 对my提问:whose glasses are they? My father and mother want to water the plants. 对water the plants提问:what do my father and mother want ...

一般语气就是what's wrong with me?或者is there something wrong with me?等。语气强烈,带责备时可以说:what the hell is wrong with me?我TMD怎么了?

语境不同,用词也不同。 Me,too. So do I.

我刚才说到哪了? What was I saying? What have I got? Where was I just now?

I'm reading books at ~~~~ 如果说曾经在哪里读书 I was reading books at ~~~~ 如果你的意思是你在哪里上的学 I was a student of (你的学校)

where are you?

1、My English is not good 2、My English is bad 3、My English is terrible 4、My English is too poor 如果想提高英语,不可急于一时,不过学英语也有诀窍,一是方法,二是兴趣,三是努力。 方法多种多样,好的方法能让你在最短的时间内达到...

wait for me. 等我。 不能please waiting for me。 因为please是祈使句开头。应用wait


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