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thank you thanks

Anyway,thank you for what you have done for me!

Anyway, thank you for coming. 涙胎奕劔,脅仍仍低奚将栖狛。

Whatever the result will be, thanks for your efforts.

短嗤協挫冩梢柴皿議三宣撹葎厘断冩梢片議冩梢伏珊嗤載寄匯粁鉦宣。 遍枠貫籾朕蝕兵祥音頁晩囂┿鰌澑輜嵎峽┣師鳩。低珊喘阻載謹汽簡祥麻歌深阻凪麿議歌深慕匆短孀欺宸嶽傍隈。辛嬬頁哘葎低茶膿議栖哭栽阻厘議冩梢酊殖侭參低斤噐諒籾...

低挫 涙胎壓低伉戦豊恷嶷勣,厘伉戦低厮将音壅嶷勣,仍仍低斑厘延膿 No matter who is the most important in your heart, you are no longer important in my heart, thank you make me stronger . 錬李斤低嗤侭逸廁

なんとしても、ありがとうございます nan to shi temo, a ri ga tou go za i ma su 賜宀 いずれにしても、ありがとうございます i zu re ni shi temo, a ri ga tou go za i ma su 厘状誼及匯嶽曳熟械喘~~

anyway i must thank you, thank you very much.

I'll thank you in any case。 涙胎泌採 in any case at any rate whatever happens at all events


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