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小学句型转换练习题_有道翻译 翻译结果: Primary school shifts exercises exercises_有道词典 exercises 英 ['eksəsaɪzɪz] 美 ['ɛksəsaɪzɪz] n. 练习题,演习;运动 更多释义>> [网络短语] Exercises 练习...


【以下是小学生英语主要句型归类】 I 询问姓名、年龄。 1, ----What’s your name? ----你叫什么名字? ----My name is ________. ----我叫……。 2, ----How old are you? ----你几岁了? ----I’m 12. ----我十二岁。 II 询问颜色。 1, ----What c...

1.对fourteen million people进行提问 2.I am a farmer 改为一般疑问句 3.It's a small cat 改为一般疑问句 4.I can fly a kite 改为否定句 5.Is there any milk in the glass 作肯定回答 6.They are cleaning the room 对cleaning the room进行...


1.What coior dress do you like?2.Who like the yeiiow T-shirt?I

句型转换(Rewrite the sentences in another way) 句型转换(Sentence pattern transformation) 句型转换 (Patterns transformation)

1. Andy is going to play basketball this afternoon. 2. My aunt will buy a new one soon. 3. We will leave a little later. 4. It will be sunny tomorrow. 5. There will be many new buildings near here in the ten years.

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句型转换(Rewrite the sentences in another way)句型转换(Sentence pattern transformation)句型转换 (Patterns transformation)


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