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英语:YOU ARE A SB什么意思?

you are sb的中文翻译 you are sb 你是某人 双语例句 1 State that you are considering giving sb a prolonged rest from matches. 声明你正在考虑让sb放一个长假。 2 Your character is like wintersweet my disposition resembles general an...

your family are SB

Why?Because yuo are a sb. 为什么?因为你是一个…… 为什么?因为你是一个……

这语法错了,应该是 do you know you are a sb。意思是 你知道自己是个傻逼么?

楼主,你好! give sb.a ride 送某人一程,给某人以方便 例子: I could give you a ride. 我送你一程吧 I can give you a ride 我可以让你搭个便车 Would you like me give you a ride home? 我送你回家好吗?

not is,but are you are a sb,too

楼主有语法错误,正确的形式应该是Are you a fool? is改成are因为是第二人称 SB改成fool

不定冠词 有 a\an 定冠词有 the



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