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1 works-work 2 Germen-Germans 3 去掉a 4 woman-women 5 works-word 6 apple-apples 7 thousands-thousand 8 many-much 9 progresses-progress 10 careless-carelessness

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1 With 改成 As 或者 approaches 改成 approaching 2 come 改成 came 3 is 改成 was 或者 had 改成 has 4 the number 改成 a number

1, of 改为 from 2, for 改为 of 3, admired 后加for 4, apologied 后加 to 5, with 改为in

did改为 was .

1)Everyone of us is workinghard in the factory. Everyone->Every one 2)I have caught a bad cold for a week and Ican't get rid of it. caught->been in,(catch 是短暂性动词) 3)This is the steel plant where we visited last week. wh...

1 a---an 2 didn't ---don't 3 father's 4 hearts---heart 5 size---sizes 6 place 前加a 7 a去掉 8 an---one 9 a去掉 10 good前加a 满意请采纳


1.Every one of the students, buys the dictionary. 2. Physics is fascinating but difficult. 3. The president together with several assistants is here. 4. Fifty dollars seems too much for this sweater. 5. A number of spelling mis...


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