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遇到不会的题就上网找答案照抄,根本不想动脑筋,会让学生养成,在网上是问不到答案的哈 不思考的习惯,改正吧,多思考 做题不怕做错,就怕不思考

Unit 6 Choosing a Mate Vocabulary Task Answer/Script A I know he is the one. He’s ready for a lifetime commitment. He is someone I can really trust. B I had doubts at first about the relationship. He was divorced once already b...



I. DABAD CACDCDCADCCBDDBCBA II. 1. pleased 2. worried 3. smiling 4. laugh 5. collecting III. 1. What did, go, for 2. When did, come 3. Did, use to be 4. doesn’t taste 5. do they IV. 1. More and more 2. is popular with 3. is ful...

I.1-6 BCBABC II.1. share 2. address 3. Dolls 4. coins 5. mails III. 1. used 2. watching 3. miss 4. interests 5. actor Ⅳ.1. am interested in playing 2. walkinga pet dog 3.Collecting stamps, great fun 4. in their spare time 5. ...

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