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用minD Doing sth造句10句

Do you mind doing this with me? 你介意跟我一起做这些事吗? Do you mind opending the door? 你介意我开门么? Would you mind washing your hands? 你介意洗一下你的手吗?

I don't mind him looking at his phone during the movie.

Would you mind reading it? 你介意读一下它吗? Would you mind my using your book? 你介意我用一下你的书吗? Would you mind telling me your age? 你介意告诉我你的年龄吗?

区别如下: mind sb to do sth 介意某人做某事(此事还没做) mind sb doing sth 介意某人做某事(此事正在做) mind:英 [maɪnd] 美 [maɪnd] 意见;智力;记忆力 vt. 介意;专心于;照料 vi. 介意;注意 短语: unconscious mind 潜...

mind sb. to do sth. 是介意某人要去做某事,说明这件事还没做,即将要做 mind sb. doing sth.是介意某人做过某事,已经做完的事

一、mind作可数名词,意为"脑子;想法;记性". 如:An idea has just come into my mind. 我刚才想到一个主意. I can't think where I've left my umbrella; my mind is a complete blank! 我想不起来把伞落哪儿了;一点儿印象都没有! 二、mind作...

是mind doing something 八年级上册学的哦

你好。 造句为:Would you mind turning down the music? 希望对你有帮助。

mind to do是打算去做某事,mind doing 是打算继续接着做某事。 一,mind to do 1,What is the mind to do? 心灵该做什么? 2,If you make up your mind to do it, you will certainly accomplish your end. 如果你下定决心去做,你一定会达到...

I enjoy playing soccer, would you minding join me? Maybe it is snowing on January 1st. Are your family leaving Beijing for Shanghai on New Year's Day?


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