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与......有出入 的英文翻译

It's in disparity with ....

(have 或者 there be)...a big difference between... 比如: There is a big difference between us. 我们之间有很大差别

1、与......有关的英文可以表示为:In relation to...、relate to。 2、in relation to的英式发音为[in riˈleiʃən tu:],美式发音为[ɪn rɪˈleʃən tu] ,relate to的英式发音为[riˈleit tu:] ,美...

with 介词 together 副词 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

my responsibility is as strong as my adaption.I am always willing to study and good in Logically thinking.

我猜你想问的是这些词在美式英语中引申出的俗语意义 to strick out 三振出局。棒球中打者三次击打投手投出的球失败就叫做三振,三振的打者需要退场不能继续比赛直到打序在此轮到他为止。所以俗语的意思是一件事做了几次都失败 to throw a curve ...

If there are dispute or misunderstanding between the Chinese instruction book and the English instruction book, please take the Chinese version as valid and binding.

have an important connection/relation with

fight against

Fare thee well my own true love 我的至爱完美无缺 And farewell for a while. 但我要与她暂时分离 I’m going away, but I’ll come again 我要远去但会重新归来 If I go ten thousand miles. 如果我行驶一万里 Ten thousand miles, my own true...


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