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Encountering a traffic accident 或catch a traffic accident

匆忙 in a hurry 遭遇一场交通事故 an accident happened 你的腿怎么了what's wrong with your legs? 怎么回事 what happened? 看交通指示灯 watch the traffic lights 交通拥堵 traffic jam 过马路 go across the road 前排乘客 The passengers...

I saw a car accident this morning.

What a horrible accident! How horrible the accident is!

sb suffered from /be involved in a traffic accident

One possible version: This morning I saw a traffic accident on my way to school. It happened at a crossing near our school gate. At that time, the traffic lights turned red, but a young man didn’t stop his bicycle. And he rode ...

One car come, One car go, Two car boom boom,people die......

one car come,one car go,two car pengpeng,people die。

我目击了一场交通事故 I witnessed a traffic accident. 我目击了一场交通事故 I witnessed a traffic accident.

举个例子 你可以去搜索关键词 car crash news (article) the crash occurred when a 2006 Toyota Corolla, driven by Brook Benzenberg, 16, St. Johns County, was traveling northbound from South Durbin Parkway and failed to stop at a st...


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