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1)Congratulations, I'm sure you'll be a cut above the rest! 2)congratulates 3)简单的 "Congratulations and best of luck"一样会有很好的效果.如果你非常了解哪个人,你也可以加一些Also, if you know the person well enough, you can ...

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Grand Opening! This is commonly used in North America.

Dear XXX: Congratulations for the opening of your new store! It shows that the business of your company has stepped on a new stage. We sincerely hope that your business will be more and more prosperous, and we will have a more ...

debut [5debju;5deIbju:] n. v.初次登场, 开张

新店开张,有几句广告词想翻译成英语印在的英语翻译是:When the new store opens, there are several advertisements to translate into English.

其实Welcome就行,英语和中文不是一个语言系统,很多时候生搬硬套翻出来非常难受,外宾听了不会感到亲切反而和很怪。 不过尊重你的选择,回答你的问题。 This shop just opened, you will find surprising rewards once stepped in! 如果你开的...

请对照选择哦 开业 Opening;set up;open up 开业条件 requirements for being managed;entry conditions 开业庆典 Opening ceremony;Opening gifts;Business-starting ceremony

开了一家新店 Opened a new store

Big sale for new store!


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