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谁要来深圳? 要在中文的语义里面可以有两个意思,一个是助动词,第二个表达意愿。 Who is willing to Shenzhen? Who will come to Shenzhen?

你好! 谁要来深圳 Who want to come to shenzhen

Welcome to my hometown ShenZhen,a famous morden city.There are quite a lot theme parks,many people enjoy playing in these parks to relax themselves.There are also rather prity seas,in every season,you could see so many visits s...

Shenzhen is an economic city, but it also has its unique beauty. King said that Shenzhen, of course, is not the lack of King Building, building a total of 69 layer height 383.95 meters. It's next to a lot of high and low buildi...


Last week, my mom and dad to move to Shenzhen for sightseeing. Shenzhen covers an area of 480,000 square meters. It is a very beautiful place. We toured the many beautiful scenic spots, but I most impressive attraction is the H...

made in shenzhen

Shenzhen Polytechnic College, the nation's premier vocational college Department of finance, the school's top departments We have the work hard students We have dedicated teachers We have intense class We have an easy life We h...




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