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做练习题 用英语 do practice quiz 我们正在做练习题 We are doing exercises; We are currently doing exercises 多做练习题 Do more exercise 做一些练习题 do some exercises 告诫自己:做练习题能够帮助你在测验的时候恢复相关的知识。 Test...

I learn maths by doing a lot of exercises. 欢迎提问,乐意解答;愿你满意, 望你采纳。

这是词组,所以不要加to 了,exercise在做练习讲时是可数名词,所以就用do exercises ,它做锻炼的项目时是不可数

做英语习题 Do English exercises

I so hard hearning mathenatics so that my math gradeshave improved

翻译如下: 英语练习题 English exercises 例句: 本文介绍了一种实用性英语练习题。 This paper introduces a useful English exercises.

课堂练习,英语是:Classroom Practice。 例句: Classroom practice is a critical factor in children's learning. 课堂练习是儿童学习的关键因素。 详细解释: classroom 英[ˈklɑ:sru:m] 美[ˈklæsru:m] n. 教室,课堂; 教学活...

Although we are unable to do these test problems, but we can wait for the teacher's explain.

I do exercise every day in textbook.

做英语练习题 Do English exercises


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