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有区别。 piles of意思是“成堆的……”,后面谓语要用复数相应的形式。 a pile of意思为“一堆……”相当于单数名词。

a pile of 一堆 后接名词 如 1. They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves. 他们发现尸体被埋在一堆树叶下面。 2. a pile of books 一摞书 3. a pile of sewing 一堆针线活儿 4. a pile of unread newspapers 一摞未看的报纸 5. a p...

they found a pile of gold at the entrance.there was more ins 他们在入口处发现一堆金子,里面有更多的

如果是,Make a pile of practising medicine: 那意思是,做一堆试验医药物。

这时候谓语动词取决于前面的量词 a pile of 就用单数 six/seven piles of 就用复数 保证准确率!不明白就追问!

a pile of shit一堆狗屎 双语对照 词典结果: a pile of shit[英][ə pail ɔv ʃit][美][e paɪl ʌv ʃɪt] n.胡说; 废话; 废物; 卑鄙者;

a little 一点儿,少量+不可数名词或形容词 a few 一些;几个+可数名词复数 a lot 许多;大量(可放在动词后面修饰动词=very much;亦可修饰形容词) a lot of +名词(不可数名词或可数名词复数)=lots of a type of 一种类型的…;一种型号的…… ...

a pile of shit 英[ə pail ɔv ʃit] 美[e paɪl ʌv ʃɪt] n. 废话; 废物; 胡说; 卑鄙者; [例句]She stepped right in a pile of shit. 她一脚踩在一堆大便上。

a pile of piles of 后面可加可数名词,也可以不可数名词 a pile of 一堆;很多 例句 His body was tossed on a pile of corpses and his remains have never been recovered Luda had found it next to a pile of garbage about six blocks from...

1. accumulate 几乎可用于指任何事物量的增加,侧重连续不断地,一点一滴地聚积。如: He accumulated a good library. 积累了丰富的藏书。 However, as the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate. ...


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