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All wE hAvE to Do is

all that we have to do is practice every day 我们所有要做的就是每天练习 这个句子是一个含定语从句的复合句。that引导的是定语从句。因为修饰的词是表示事物的词,所以要用that. 修饰表示人的词,则用who,whom,whose。


Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that ...

all we can do is to study all we can do 是定语从句 all 为不定代词 省略that to study 动词不定式作表语

all we have to do now is (shaking )hands 这里(shaking )hands 作为表语需要以动名词的形式 I (intended)to do it,but I am afraid I forgot 我本来想做的,表示过去发生的事情了,所以用过去式


of our abundance is just what we need to do!...All the kids declared something they could do ...For days the kids have been looking for others ...

to the all the yesterday, anther good day ...why do we do XXXXXX 后面 的没听到了 是在公交...What you have may not be 你所拥有的也许不会 ...


and now all this time,这么长的时间,is passing ...we don't remember,多少个夜里已经记不得,do you...to have feelings,但我从爸爸那学到 有这样的感受...


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