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ArE you slEEping的否定回答和肯定回答

are you sleeping 否定回答:No, I'm not. 肯定回答: Yes, I am.

I'm not not sleepy, so want to go to bed

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . No, I'm not.

Are you sleeping? No,I'm not.

歌曲名:Are You Sleeping? 歌手:Kids Choir 专辑:Songs Kids Really Love To Sing: 17 Playtime Songs Are You Sleeping? 永远爱着荷荷的Sn. Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping? Brother John? Brother John? Morning bells are ringing, Morn...

are you sleeping? 肯定回答 Yes,I am.

一首很短小的儿歌: 英文: Are You Sleeping? Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping, Brother Bear, Brother Bear? Morning bells are ringing, Morning bells are ringing. Ding,dang,dong. Ding,dang,dong. Are you sleeping, Are you sleepin...

are you sleeping 你睡着了 are you sleeping 你睡着了

Are you sleeping? 你正在睡觉吗?



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