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As whAt you sAiD

as you said 正如你说的,这样的搭配师对的。 as what you said,这里的as需要特殊的句子里面才能用,单单这么当词组是不行的,就比如as real as you said 和你说的一样真。 as is known to all,就像所有人知道的那样,这里的as是正确的,通常...

不行。 这边as 译为“正如,如同”是连词。连词不能只接名词,而what I said to you这句的作用和名词是类似的。应改为:as i said to you. 这有个例句:As we’ve said, all idioms must be learned, but good idioms need be learned only once. 正...

What you said 的意思是 “你所说的”。 As you said 的意思是“就像你所说的一样”。As you said 和 like what you said 意思是一样的。 希望可以帮到你~

Negative Things - Selwyn Listen baby 听着,宝贝 I wonder why sometimes we fall apart oh yeah 我纳闷为什么有些时候我们会闹矛盾 Together we are so wonderful yeah baby 我们在一起是多么完美的事情。 And every single day i pray 在每...

what you said is what i want 对

歌词是:what I hear when you don't say a thing 歌名:When You Say Nothing At All 原唱:Keith Whitley 翻唱:Alison Krauss 翻唱:Ronan Keating It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart Without saying a word you can light u...

I want to do what you just said. 我想做你刚说过的话。





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