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"Beam Me Up" 解放我 There's a whole 'nother conversation going on 有另一个完整的对话正在进行中 In a parallel universe. 它在另一个平行的宇宙 Where nothing breaks and nothing hurts. 那里没有破坏也没有伤害 There's a waltz playing ...

Beam me up Scotty ... 转化的方式送出或送回星舰,因而也造就了「传送我吧,史考提(Beam me up Scotty)」 这个流传甚久的科幻片经典名词。 "Beam me up, Scotty!" is a catch phrase that made its way into pop culture from the science fi...

Beam Me Up 网络 传送; 呆瑞克; [例句]"Beam me Up Scotty," is a tagline from another television show," Star Trek". 把我传上飞船“是另一部电视剧”星际旅行“中的标志性台词。


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