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may i touch this beautiful breast 我可以触摸这个美丽的乳房吗

你说的是不是you are beautiful 啊?那个不是女声,James Blunt唱的,他的声音确实很像女声哦,略尖

如果是男的唱的 歌名就是you are beautiful 詹姆士~布朗特

歌手:Duncan James 专辑:Future Past 遇见未来 Song:Amazed爱的奇迹 every time our eyes meet this feeling inside me is almost more than i can take baby when you touch me i can feel how much you love me and it just blows me away i...

henven can wait 演唱 迈克尔杰克逊 tell the angels no, i don’t wanna leave my baby alone i don’t want nobody else to hold you that’s a chance i’ll take baby i’ll stay, heaven can wait no, if the angels took me from this earth i ...

自作多情,痕迹,爱情真经,beautiful stranger,回来吧,理想型,无聊派,无语,无底线,貌似本兮的歌星星也不少

the best and most beautiful things in the world can nor be seen or ever touched. 最好的和世界上最美丽的东西也可以看到或触摸。

也许你说的是 费丝希尔的beautiful 呵呵 希望对你有帮助 love the way you stand in my way You won't move 'til you get a yes And how you tell me that my name It tastes so sweet on your lips I love the way you hold me with your eyes ...

ll savor each touch that I wanted so much To feel before To feel before How beautiful it is Just to be like this Chorus I wanna be with you (I...


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