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bring into line [英][briŋ ˈɪntuː lain][美][brɪŋ ˈɪntu laɪn] v.使排齐,使一致; 协和; 例句: 1. Certain conditions, such as "related-party" transactions, are almost impossible to bringi...

固定成语应该是:bring... into line 使排齐;使一致 其他的短语还有: bring sth into line 纳入 to bring into line with 使一致 ; 接轨 bring sth. into line with the state plan 纳入国家计划

Bring China into line 让中国与----一致(接轨) Some analysts believe this is because it has been perturbed by a recent rise in food prices, while others think it has been trying to rely more heavily on open market operations to...

For instance,/ some social groups(主语) employ (谓语)shunning / as a device/ to bring into line individuals/ whose behavior goes beyond that/ allowed ...

循环内表 ITAB 的 每一条记录 放到工作区 LINE里

你好! so finally we brought it into line with the expressed language needsof the students 最后我们把它与语言表达需要的学生

循环 itab record循环名为itab的 internel table 把每行数据提取给名为line的结构体

so finally we brought it into line with the expressed language needs of the students. 最后,我们考虑了学生明确的语言需要。

当(或是"因为")一个使人的行为超出被谁(这儿你没打完)允许的范围的命令带入个人界线时 你的这句话缺了很多东西,the后面的动作发出者没有,as引导的主句也没有谓语动词,翻译起来十分困难,但就是这个意思



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