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bring into line [英][briŋ ˈɪntuː lain][美][brɪŋ ˈɪntu laɪn] v.使排齐,使一致; 协和; 例句: 1. Certain conditions, such as "related-party" transactions, are almost impossible to bringi...

固定成语应该是:bring... into line 使排齐;使一致 其他的短语还有: bring sth into line 纳入 to bring into line with 使一致 ; 接轨 bring sth. into line with the state plan 纳入国家计划

Bring China into line 让中国与----一致(接轨) Some analysts believe this is because it has been perturbed by a recent rise in food prices, while others think it has been trying to rely more heavily on open market operations to...

to bring sth./sb. in line 使某事符合规定,使某人回到正轨

可以这么翻译,比方一下,所有事情都在正规,都按照程序走,如果这时候某人out of line了,那有人就会bring sb (back)in line


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