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First timE Do sth

这是某人第一次做某件事情 例如:It is the first time for TOM to read a chinese book 这是汤姆第一次阅读一本中文书籍。

1、常用句型应该是这样:it is the first time for sb. to do sth这是某人第一次做某事。 例句: It is the first time for him to travel.他是第一次旅行。 It is the first time for us to initiate such a program.这是我们首次发起此类计划...


可以的,the表示序数词前的用法,her人称的限定用法。 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

没有。英语中常用的句型是it is the first time that sb. has done sth. ,从句用完成时

It was my first time to go swimming

it's the first time for me to visit Beijing.

It is the first time when we work together. 那是我们第一次共事的日子。 It is the first time that he has come here. 那是我们最后一次在学校见面。 In fact, it is the first time I hear this! ! ! 实际上,这是我第一次听到有人这么说!...

It is + no use,no good (fun,a great pleasure,a waste of time,a bore...)等名词+doing sth. It is no use crying.哭没有用.It is no good objecting.反对也没有用. It is a great fun playing football.打篮球很有趣. It is a waste of time...

It's my first time to take part in the high jump. I took part in the high jump【for the first time】


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