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英文: for the better part of a decade 中文翻译:近十年以来的大部分时间 相关例句: We knew [it would work]. We’re two unselfish guys; we knew for the better of the team that we were going to make it work. 可我们知道我们能够一起...

应该翻译为: 实体类型XXXX不是当前内容模型的一部分

1. He went to a beautiful part of the country and lived in a farmer's home, painting all today. 2. Because he wanted to show the artist's picture to his son. 3. Angry. 4. Paiting.


小题1: ambition小题2: sympathy小题3:accompany小题4:favor小题5:junior小题6: talent小题7: divorce小题8:abandoned小题9: reflecting 小题10:pausing 小题1:本句的含义为他的雄心是成为国家队的一个部分,故本句空格处填雄心的单词ambition...

尽管听上去很奇怪,但宇宙膨胀说是基本粒子物理里一些公认理论/权威理论的一种科学上可信的推断,并且在近十年许多天体物理学家也相信这是真的。 the good part of 部分的(一般指半数以下的)...the better part of 大部分的(半数 以上的)这...

As we can see clear from the chart that a teacher and a student in front of the Blackboard concerning masterpiece. The teacher told the student that if he can figure out a word in his message, he can find in Chaucer. However, t...




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