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这道题的正确答案是: Hope有两种用法 1 hope to do sth 希望去做某事 I hope to have my own bike.我喜欢有辆我自己的自行车. 2 Hope sb do sth I hope you have a good time. 我希望你玩得高兴. 没有hope sb to do sth 这种用法.

不可以用hope sb. to do sth.的. 此句hope 后应为从句,用do 或 does

hope to do sth. hope that (从句,有时that也可省略)

stop、like、hate、remember、forget、stop、mean、regret、can't help. 常跟动词ing的动词有:admit,avoid,consider,deny,delay,enjoy,escape.finish,imagine,mind,miss,practise,resist,risk,suggest... 常跟to do的动词有:afford,agree,ask,...

hope表示的“想”和“希望”是可以实现的。hope后面通常接不定式、从句和“for+名词”结构。例如: I hope to spend a year in America after I leave school. 我希望毕业后在美国呆一年。 I hope that she likes = (will like)the flowers. 我希望...

I do not mind eating fish in this evening. I hope to do it with my sister. How do you like go to school? I agree with you opinion.


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