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How is working life changing in your country? 你们国家的工作生活是怎么改变的?

How is your day是什么意思 how:怎么样?(疑问词) How is your day today?今天过得怎么样?这是比较口语化的表达方式,常用于问候。回答一般就用Very good.很好。/Fine.不错。/So so.一般般。/Terrible.很不好

how is your weekend 你的周末是怎样? 双语对照 例句: 1. How was your weekend? Get any fishing in? 你的周末过得好吗?钓到鱼吗? 2. Who is your favorite movie star? 你最喜欢的电影明星是谁?

这个怎么样?在英语中“how is...”等同于“what is ... like”,在很多时候两者完全可以相互替换。

How is your day going的中文翻译 How is your day going 你的一天会怎样;过得如何 双语例句 1 How is your day going? Thank you for finding satan's little sister. 您的一天是如何走?感谢您发现撒旦的妹妹。 2 Let me know how your day is ...

music is like an old friend to me,who is brilliant ,smart and tender .whenever i feel upset or just cannot control my feeling, i will listen to music that suits my mood and help me to get rid of down air. also ,i will be much h...

how is your friend 你的朋友好吗?

how far is it from your home to school? 从你家到学校有多远? 双语例句 1 How far is it from your home to school? About two kilometers. 你家里学校多远?大约两公里。 2 How far is it from your home to your school? It's about ten mi...

how is your life going 你的生活会怎样 双语对照 例句: 1. How is your life going? 你现在生活得怎样?

我很喜欢你写的,我会尽全力翻译完 你相信我,我在国外念书不需要翻译器,不过语法方面请你看一下!^^ 看完了我也学到了很多。。。 今天是公元2009年...


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