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humAnity 是指人性吗,那么和humAn nAturE 有什么区别


Human nature is the concept that there are a set of characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that all 'normal' human beings have in common. The soul is seen as the substantial form of the body (matter). ...

刺激战场全军出击现在都是神仙大战 不开透视根本不能玩, 这里就有丶3234719821 新版更新完了下,开了透视进去发现, 好几个和我在墙对面绕来绕去。 不开不知道开...

题目:人定胜天 作文: Human history is a poem without words, but less people cannot read; the history of mankind is a song, but lost to listen to the notes; the history of mankind is a cup of tea, but the lack of time to taste....


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