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i lovE hEr.whAt shoulD i Do?

To the girl you like spitting in the face slobber represents you don't really love her. All you need is to give up, then find another one on one.

Sinceshe does notlove you,why should youhavetolove her?


As a girl, if you think he is the Mr Right, the very guy,you should not hide your feelings but tell him what you are thinking. The other girl and you, you two have the same right to persue your true love, maybe, your weakness h...

if you love her in your heart,tell her!and let her know you can give her a wonderful future !if you just want make love ,please don't hurt her !

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我爱她,我不想失去她,我会珍惜她,我不会让她离开的。我会爱你一生一世。。。 希望对你有所帮助

i fall in with a little girl, what i should do? in fact i don't want to fall in love with her. 我和一个小女孩在一起,我该怎么办?事实上,我不想爱上她。

选A哦。 这是一个固定的形式:make sb adj。使某人-----

No .l don't konw if she liked you ,but how do you feel?l think you loved her sincerely ,she might not love you lf she really loved you ,she shouldn't betray your promise l can tell you these ,and how do you think ?


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