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i lovE hEr.whAt shoulD i Do?

To the girl you like spitting in the face slobber represents you don't really love her. All you need is to give up, then find another one on one.

Sinceshe does notlove you,why should youhavetolove her?

if he whom you love did not love you any more and you still loved him, you'd better leave him,because this is not true love

选A哦。 这是一个固定的形式:make sb adj。使某人-----

if you still love to let it know ,show you love for her or you will be regret one day

miss is a strange and tough feeling which make you love him/her more. as i said before, tell him/her bravely your feeling. or he/she is missing you too.

D 根据句子的需要,要选择do sth politely,表示有礼貌地做某事。故选D

肯定是Dilemma视频地址: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azK0bVeH9fA MP3: http://mp3.baidu.com/m?tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lm=-1&word=Dilemma&t=2 (Kelly) I love you and I need you Nelly, I love you, I do, Need you No matter what I ...

what should I do to make friends with her? 我该怎么和她交朋友

D 试题分析:考查虚拟语气。句意 我与我的好朋友吵架了,我应该怎么办呢?如果我是你,我会对他说对不起。表示对现在的虚拟,if引导的从句用一般过去表示对现在的虚拟,无论主语是单数还是复数,都用were,所以选D项。


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