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in thE Coming DAys

in the coming days 在未来的日子里 双语对照 例句: 1. The question is will those strikes be escalating in the coming days. 目前的问题是,这些罢工是否会在未来的几天内升级。


in coming days 在未来的日子里

Dawn is comingOpen your eyesDawn is comingOpen your eyesDawn is comingOpen your eyesLook into the sun as the new days riseThere's a rhythm in rush...


英文原文: in the coming days we love each other a long life together. 英式音标: [ɪn] [ðə] [ˈkʌmɪŋ] [deɪz] [wiː] [lʌv] [iːtʃ] [ˈʌðə] [ə; e...

B 本题译文:目前席卷这一地区的暴风雨今后肯定会引起蔬菜短缺。scarcity(="the" state of being scarce)缺乏;不足(指原本充足之物暂时在数量上的缺乏)。例如:The scarcity of fruit was caused by the drought.(水果的供应不足是干旱所引...

young for you 歌手是the gala sunday's coming i wanna drive my car to your apartment with present like a star forecaster said the weather may be rainy hard but i know the sun will shine for us oh lazy seagull fly me from the dar...




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