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一价定律(the law of one price)即绝对购买力平价理论,它是由 货币学派 的代表人物 弗 里德曼 (1953)提出的。

Law of one price (the law of one price) that is the absolute purchasing power parity theory, which is representative of the currency Friedman ...

3.PRICE价格 3.1The total Contract price is: CIF Tianjin Xingang Seaport, China INCOTERM 2010, USD 109,440.00 •(Say: USD one hundred ...


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The lower price of bread will not necessarily increase the demand of it, for its demand here is depressed not by price, but by a need of dieting, in which case, its price will not be taken into consideration. 希望你看的懂


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