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let‘s go to the zoo. 让我们去动物园吧。

let's go to the zoo 让我们去动物园 双语对照 例句: 1. Let's go to the zoo by bus. 我们一起坐公车去动物园吧。 2. Let's go to the production center. 让我们走进生产中心。 . ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满...

首先是: let sb do sh see 强调看的结果。 look强调看的动作。是不及物动词。后面必须加介词。如:look at watch 表示看移动的画面。如watch TV. 所以这师选B 让我们一起去动物园看长颈鹿。

Let us go to the zoo.

Let's go to the zoo.让我们去动物园吧

Let,s go to the zoo,___A___?Let us go to the zoo,_B__?固定用法

let's do在这里是表示提议的,why not do ... 也是用来向人提出建议的,所以变了以后还是原来的意思。

Welcome to the zoo. I'm Xiao Wang. Today I will show you around the zoo. Now let me tell you the plan for today. First, we will go to the Lion Park. Then we will go to the Monkey Hill. You can see the lovely monkeys there. The ...

A; i like lions , and tigers , what about you ? B; me? well i prefer some small animals ,like monky or panda A; panda ? panda is kind of bear , definately not small animal B; but they are so cute and they never bit people like ...



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