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1.D before 4 out of every 100 now 10 out of every 100 2.C 3. A one in which people have a quite different idea of what kind of behavior is suitable at various ages,是这句的one吗? 4.B 5.A 从 It doesn't surprise us to hear of a ...

Kirkland牌针对50岁以上老人的多维维生素 Kirkland是牌子 Adult 50 mature 指的是50岁以上老人吃的 multivitamin 多维维生素

mature 意思是 成熟的 asia 意思是 亚洲 具体什么意思 结合句子 联系上下文 字面意思就是 成熟的亚洲

恩恩 自己写的 friendship, is indeed important to us. actually, we need friends when we encounter diffitulty, we can communicate with friens to be more active and what is more, we can be more efficient when we are with friends. ...


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